Income Tax Returns

Filing Income Tax returns is a serious and obligatory task for every organization whose revenue surpasses the exemption mark. The exemption slabs differ with the type of organization. Failure to remit Income Tax attracts obvious penalties from the Tax Department. Read More

GST Returns

The onset of the Financial year 2017-18 renders GST (Goods and Service Tax) in full swing with an intent to increase the tax base and reduce tax complexities. Every proprietor, business entity (whether big or small) involved in sale and purchase of goods and services will fall within the GST ambit. Read More

VAT & CST Returns

Levied at different stages of production and interstate sales, filing VAT & CST returns is mandatory for business entities manufacturing or trading goods within India. As the annual turnover crosses the stipulated mark, eligible companies need to have their TIN registration for accommodating timely returns to steer away from penalties. Read More

TDS Returns

Government's insistence on collecting taxes through TDS has compelled all the organisations to file legit TDS returns to avoid unnecessary penalty. Compliance pertaining to TDS returns are mandatory to fulfill and it is imperative that every business furnishes the correct amount of deduction and tax collection. Read More

Service Tax Returns

Every single firm or entity is compulsorily required to furnish Service Tax return, twice a year. Every service provider surpassing the exemption bracket of INR 9 lakhs is liable to pay service tax.Levied at 12.3 percent (of the taxable service), returns should be remitted before respective due dates to avoid penalties. Read More

Excise Duty Returns

Manufacturers of dutiable good are expected to register with the Excise department. Excise registration is one of the major compliance listed in the Central Excise Tariff Act. The premises wherein the marketable or non-duty paid good are stored have to be registered with Central Excise Department. Read More

ESI & PF Returns

ESI registration is compulsory for organisations hiring 10 or more employees. An organisation hiring more than 20 employees needs to register with Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) of India. These are compulsory procedures followed by eligible organisations and avoiding such payments or remitting insufficient funds tantamount to fraud and deceit. Read More

Copyright Registration

Copyright protects and proclaims the authenticity of a unique item. It offers the ultimate protection in preventing any imitation of an original and creative product. In a nutshell, Copyright Registration entails a collective bundle of rights towards a specific product prohibiting any other entity to reproduce or to imitate the same product in any manner whatsoever. Read More

Patent Registration

The sheer importance of a patent is a little difficult to estimate. Primarily, granted by the Patents Act, 1970, a specific patent will help an individual maintain monopoly over his/her product. This ensures unlimited exclusivity of the product as the competition is prohibited from making, selling, manufacturing or producing the same product without the owners unambiguous consent. Highly beneficial for a business, Patent Registr Read More

FSSAI Registration

A must-have article for every legal entity functioning as a food manufacturing, packaging, restaurant, processing unit, FSSAI registration is a mandatory requirement. Government has strictly prohibited the businesses within the Food industry to commence functioning without a valid registration. Read More

Import and Export Code

Granted by Ministry of Commerce and Industries and Director General of Foreign Trade, IE code registration is necessary for every individual or existing legal identity for importing or exporting goods and services. Without IE code, imported or exported products seldom cross customs. It is further required by banks to initiate monetary transactions. Read More

Trademark Registration

A priceless tangible asset for any company, Trademarks distinguish goods offered by different business entities. A visual symbol, Trademarks are essential for establishing identity of a company or its product. Hence, their importance cannot be forsaken because they signify identity of a product or company or business in literal terms. Read More

Shop and Establishment License

Required by every Shop and Establishment, this license is supposed to be procured within 30 days from the commencement of work. Availing this license is compulsory, regardless of the fact if a business has employees or not. Applicable nationwide to eateries, theatres, hotels and other kindred places of business, Shop and Establishment License is a mandatory document. Read More

Book Keeping and Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is an obligatory procedure for every regulated business. It is a basic step for each association to outfit precise money related insights in regards to the in-bound or out-bound capacities conveyed by a business. Accounting is the backbone of every business. A strong financial tracking system ensures there are no loop holes for embezzlement. If the foundation of accounting i.e. book keeping is firm, the entire busine Read More

Payroll Service

One of the major assets of any organization is human resource. Therefore one of the highest expenditure is also on this asset. Payroll system keeps track of this important aspect of an organization. Keeping track of past records of employees; their educational background and experience, recruitment procedures, and training records is of utmost importance to every company. Read More

Internal Audit

Internal Audit aids businesses in determining and controlling fraudulent practices, validating the level of internal control, and also supervising the compliance with internal policies as well as governmental regulations. Thus, having an internal audit in place is crucial for the growth of a business. Read More

Statutory and Tax Audit

Statutory Audit uncovers if an organization is furnishing suitable insights in regards to their bank equalizations and general income while Tax Audit sees whether your profits and conclusions are on point or not. Recording Income Tax returns is serious work since anomaly in returns can prompt disciplinary actions from the Income Tax Department. Read More

Form 15 CA & CB

These forms deal with foreign remittances and are mandatorily scrutinised by an expert Chartered Accountant in order to achieve effective Tax planning. Read More

Tax Planning

Tax planning assists in reaping maximum benefits by retaining a major part of earnings whilst satisfying Income Tax compliance procedures. Effective Tax planning helps in improving the cash flow within the organisation. If a firm or business experiences scarcity of cash due to ineffective tax planning, its operational potential can be hindered. Read More


An integral part of the company's financial scope, a CFO is responsible for maintaining a sound Capital structure of the company or business. From ensuring optimal cash flow at all times, an effective CFO needs to have a sound vision regarding the financial picture of the company. Read More

Business Advisory

Business Advisory has a wide scope as it deals in alignment of finance, human resource and management aspects of a company. Ensuring that these core departments function together is the primary responsibility of a Business Advisor. With incompetent Business Advisory, a company can seldom render effective management or marketing strategies which causes a downfall. Read More

Start-up Advisory

Start-up advisory boards have garnered a lot of attention during the onset of what is known as the "start-up" boom phase. Consisting of a healthy mix of policies pertaining to effective management of cash Read More

Financial Consulting

With inefficient financial consultants, your company runs a probable risk of running into debts which can become extremely difficult to be paid off, thus hampering the productivity. Wrong decisions with respect to financial budgeting can cause severe cash crunch which can bring your business to a halt. Read More

Funding Advisory

Funds are unequivocally an integral part defining the function of a business. Funds decide the kind of inventory you can purchase or hold. Funds further decide if your business can empower itself to take the correct investment opportunities as soon they knock on your companys door. With effective Fund Advisory, your business can simply create opportunities for itself. Read More

Company Registration for Indian Entrepreneur

At Bass Biz , we have effective work flow to complete the formation and business registration at fastest way. We're not only to incorporate your business we also supports you to complete necessary statutory registrations. At Bass Biz, We help you to decide the right format of forming the company and the right compliance that to be made against them. Read More

Annual Compliance Package

A set of various rules and regulations dictate the terms and conditions pertaining to Laws and Provisions under the Companies Act, 2013. Adhering to such compliances is mandatory for legal entities to commence or sustain their trading liberties. Companies can face heavy penalties if these compliances are not followed accordingly. Read More

ROC Annual Returns filing

Annual Filing is a mandatory procedure for Public & Private Limited companies. Moreover, LLP firms and even One Person Company fall within the same space. The entire set-up for ROC annual filing consists of certain parameters that need to be taken care of as you proceed further. Read More

Change in Management

According to Companies Act, 2013, a Limited company needs to employ a minimum of three directors whereas a Pvt Ltd. company needs to have 2 directors. Changes in Directorship can become significant when it comes to overall management of the company. Shuffling employees and changing Directors is part of management process which is quintessential for survival. Read More

Share Transfer

Ownership of a firm belongs to the shareholders, not directors. Directors are merely appointed by these shareholders to undertake responsibility for the proceedings of the company/firm. Transfer of Shares simply determines the extent of ownership and hence, it is an important move for transferring the same. Read More

Change in Registered office address

The principal place of business for Limited Liability Partnership firm or a Public/Private Limited Company is often the registered address of the office which receives all threads of communication directed from Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This certainly dictates the importance of the address and hence, statutory compliance procedures need to be completed before finalising a change. Read More

GST Registration

With the greatest tax reform taking place in India, there is lot of anxiety and confusion among everyone. Goods & Service Tax (GST) is a mammoth change in the Indian Economy and due to lack of clarity and proper information there is lots of false information doing rounds. To provide you accurate, precise and relevant information we at BassBiz bridge the gap between legal procedures and entrepreneurship. Read More