Importance :
A set of various rules and regulations dictate the terms and conditions pertaining to Laws and Provisions under the Companies Act, 2013. Adhering to such compliances is mandatory for legal entities to commence or sustain their trading liberties. Companies can face heavy penalties if these compliances are not followed accordingly.

Hiring BassBiz :

BassBiz is a renowned service provider when it comes to ANNUAL Compliance Packages. If a firm or company tries to maintain documents of such magnitude (necessary registers- for instance, Register of Directors and Register of Members amongst others), it will inevitably consume a lot of man hours and burden the resources. BassBiz can be the safe haven as each piece of paper off the compliance package can be neatly maintained and stored with us.
Along with documentation, statutory compliance procedures involve hiring of Statutory Auditor and filing Annual returns. To ensure scaling and productivity, BassBiz is the catalyst which can drive your firm to the hilt.

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