Importance :

According to Companies Act, 2013, a Limited company needs to employ a minimum of three directors whereas a Pvt Ltd. company needs to have 2 directors. Changes in Directorship can become significant when it comes to overall management of the company. Shuffling employees and changing Directors is part of management process which is quintessential for survival.

How Bass Biz is useful:

Our in-house experts have a firm grip regarding the formalities associated with changing of directors. Hiring or eliminating a director involves a thorough procedure which demands documentation and understanding of filing a legit application. Attaching resignation of the outgoing Director or filing in the offer letter for the new director, Bass Biz has strong fundamentals in this regard and our applications are seldom refused by the authorities. We at Bass Biz, can assist you in completing the procedures associated with adding or removing a particular Director or Partner. You can always call at our help desk to schedule appointments with our experts.

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