Importance :

The onset of the Financial year 2017-18 renders GST (Goods and Service Tax) in full swing with an intent to increase the tax base and reduce tax complexities. Every proprietor, business entity (whether big or small) involved in sale and purchase of goods and services will fall within the GST ambit. For non-compliant businesses, the Government has ruled it illegal to garner GST from customers.

BassBizz for GST Returns :

Aimed at reducing complexities, the concept of GST will take time to sink in amongst business entities. BassBiz works at lightning speed and is well-aware pertaining to intricacies of GST, GST returns and GST compliance filing. You can schedule an appointment with BassBiz advisor for consultation on GST registration as well; thus, deciphering how this upcoming ‘Unified Platform’ will reap benefits for your company.

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