Importance :

Filing Income Tax returns is a serious and obligatory task for every organisation whose revenue surpasses the exemption mark. The exemption slabs differ with the type of organisation. Failure to remit Income Tax attracts obvious penalties from the Tax Department. It is absolutely mandatory for Individuals, Companies, NRI’s, Partnership firms and other legal business entities to file tax returns every year.

Why BassBiz :

Being one of the leading service providers in the industry, our Tax consultants have a thorough background in e-filing and manual filing of IT returns. BassBiz is extremely careful about the confidentiality clause and it is impossible for your competitor or anyone else to peep into your company’s tax return. In addition, we specialise in filing every type of Tax return (ITR 5, ITR 6, ITR 7 & ITR 4), thus recognised as the overall solution for compliance filings.

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