Importance :

The sheer importance of a patent is a little difficult to estimate. Primarily, granted by the Patents Act, 1970, a specific patent will help an individual maintain monopoly over his/her product. This ensures unlimited exclusivity of the product as the competition is prohibited from making, selling, manufacturing or producing the same product without the owner’s unambiguous consent. Highly beneficial for a business, Patent Registration is a must to survive in any Industry.

Why BassBiz for Patent Registration :

The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks presides over the prestigious Patent Office and decides whether to grant Patent registration or not. Hiring BassBiz for materialising this imperative step is a wise decision. Reason being, our experts who deal in filing applications for such Registrations have an extensive background enabling them to understand the intricacies of application filing. As we furnish judicious details regarding a product, the office is bound to offer Patent Registration which makes it easier for our clients. BassBiz has successfully completed myriad of Patent Registrations for its clients.

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