Importance :

Every single firm or entity is compulsorily required to furnish Service Tax return, twice a year. Every service provider surpassing the exemption bracket of INR 9 lakhs is liable to pay service tax. Levied at 12.3 percent (of the taxable service), returns should be remitted before respective due dates to avoid penalties. 

Why BassBiz :

BassBiz will not only ascertain the exact amount of service tax to be paid, but will also e-file the tax returns, twice a year. With half-yearly e-filing returns from BassBiz, our experts will look after compliance specifications to the hilt. With a deep understanding of the topic, our process-oriented firm fills up Form ST-3/ ST-3A while maintaining a proper record. BassBiz helps in ascertaining your eligibility to pay the tax and helps with service tax registrations as well.


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